The Last Sunset

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 37

Photo by Åaker on Unsplash

The writing prompt today was ‘What is a dream you’ve had that you want to live in forever?’

That’s easy. It was a dream I had years ago, with all the plot holes and inconsistencies of a bad movie. I and some faceless others are hiking up a snowy mountain to watch the last sunset ever.

“Well, that sounds like a bummer,” you say?

It wasn’t unpleasant. I do not know how we, the characters in my dream, know it is the last sunset. It’s just a given in the dream. The mountain is snowy and wooded. We walk in companionable silence up to a better vantage point from which to view the sunset.

The snow is crunchy beneath our booted feet. It makes the hike a bit of a challenge. But, hey, it’s the last hike also, so a little extra resistance from sinking in the snow isn’t much of a bother. We are like Dostoevsky on our way to be hanged, perhaps?

After forty minutes of climbing, we reach a flat, western-facing opening. We make ourselves comfortable sitting in the cold snow and watch our sunset for the very last time ever. None of us are scared, remorseful, or worried. We are all calm, and it is a lovely sunset.

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