The White Elephant

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 40

Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

“So how about a cup of tea?” the man says.

“I think I’d prefer a beer!” she says.

The man looks surprised.

“Yes! Let’s get a beer! It’s so hot out today; a beer will taste great.”

“Mmm,” she says.

He drives to their favorite place, The White Elephant, he parks the car; they go in, and he is careful to open the door for her.

“Two coronas with limes, please,” she says.

“Bottle or tap?”

“Bottle,” they both say.

“Anything to eat?”

Neither of them says anything, and the server walks away after several seconds of silence.

“I forgot how much you like lime.”

“Did you not want it?”

“Hmm.. oh, the lime? No, it’s fine. The lime is nice in the beer.

“Thank you,” he says to the server.

“Cheers,” she says to him.


They drink in silence for several minutes, carefully avoiding the other’s eyes.

“You know we could,” he says.

“What? We could what, John?”

“You know, try again.”

“You bastard. You said you wouldn’t. Why are you doing this?”

He looks dejected, unsure. He drops his eyes to the table, leaves them there.

Photo by Kaffeebart on Unsplash

“Three times, John. Three damn times.”

“But we are still young.”

“Three times, John. Aren’t you the one always talking about signs?”

“We have to keep our faith, it’s …, “

“NO! You keep your faith; mine is gone! I’m going to call the time of death,” she says as she picks up the paper in front of her and reads it. “Time of death 2:37 PM, April 27, 2021. Rest in peace, Faith.”

“But, we could try again.”

“Can’t we just enjoy our beers? Please?”

“Do you still love me?” she says.

“How could you even ask that? Can’t you see you are my world? Without you, I am nothing.”

“But you always said you always wanted them. Remember?”

He is quiet for a beat.

“Things change. You roll with the punches.”

“Platitudes, John? Can’t you just say it?”

“I love you, Lisa. I always have, I always will.”

They drink their beers with lime, under the hot Phoenix sun, on the patio of The White Elephant.


  1. I never comment on my stories, but I felt I had better with this one. Clearly, I was inspired by Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants. No, I don’t think I’m one hundredth as good as Hemingway, but he is my inspiration. His language was so simple and so powerful.

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