Writing Prompt 015

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 78

Photo by Wolfram Bölte on UNSPLASH.

“A bicycle,” I say to the salesperson who asked me what I wanted.

I mean, duh, we are in a bike store.

I’m trying to slow the aging process. Also, I want to reduce my carbon footprint, etc.

A bike for my commute to and from the massage spa would be a regular bit of daily exercise. Summers in Texas can be pretty oppressive. I plan on taking a cold shower at home before I get on my bike. Then I will wash up a bit in one of the bathrooms and change into my work clothes when I get to work. That seems workable.

Climate change is real. So every bit each of us can do is an act of stewardship to the earth. That is genuine, grassroots change.

Ergo, I want a bike.

I can’t decide if I want an e-bike or a regular bike. The e-bikes come with a motor assist, an electric battery, they can help with the commute, but I’m not sure I wish to drop $1000 on a bike. I would sweat less on an e-bike.

So I’m here to shop, compare, and test drive.

I’m here to buy a bicycle.

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  1. Bit of a snarky mood today, I guess.

    The Eadervell writing prompt suggested, ‘Write a story that begins and ends with a bicycle.’

    I took that literally today. As I said, I’m in a mood today. I’m glad I embarked upon the rigors of doing a flash fiction challenge, but I’m exhausted from it now. I feel like a marathon runner that only has two miles left in the race. Those two miles must surely be the most difficult of the entire race.

    I wouldn’t call what I’m feeling writer’s block. I would call it laziness today. I’ll be better tomorrow.

    Also, I like the idea of randomly adding arbitrary constraints to my writing. I wanted today’s story to be exactly 200 words. It is.

    To my faithful readers, thank you, and please bear with me. I will be back to normal tomorrow.


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