Cuando el Sol y Luna Eran Amantes

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 18

Photo by Jonathan Borba on UNSPLASH.

Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth

“You owe me”

Look what happens with a love like that

It lights the whole sky


The Karankawa people had a legend, one of the greatest love stories ever told; they called it “Cuando el sol y luna eran amantes,” when the sun and moon were lovers.

Before Manito, the great spirit parted the heavens and the earth; the sun and moon were married in an eternal dance of devotion. They had spun together in a tight orbit, held together by their love.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on UNSPLASH.

But their boundless love was only for them. They had no interest in anything other than their perfect partner.

On earth, the plants would not grow, the oceans became still and stagnant.

The sun was too busy shining her love on the moon to bother with casting her rays towards the earth. The moon was preoccupied and couldn’t be bothered to expend its gravity on anything as bland as the earth’s oceans.

The great creator had created a perfect love in the union of the sun and moon. But it was a too-perfect love. It needed nothing else. So, with a heavy heart, he had to split up the luminary lovers.

Photo by Jennifer Rogalla on UNSPLASH.

“She will always shine her love back to you, and you will catch her love in those rays as you dance about the earth,” Manito said to them.

The sun was sad and saw that Manito spoke the truth. She was crushed to have to part from the moon but knew it was necessary.

The moon was heartbroken. It couldn’t control the creator or sway him not to go through with the divorce, but once it came close to the earth, it grew angry. The moon banged into the planet, carving a huge gash.

That gash is the Grand Canyon. If you walk in the canyon under a full moon, you can hear her softly crying for the sun.


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