List for Friends, Vol 1

For my more genteel, discerning friends

A friend of mine keeps suggesting that I share my stories with various mutual friends.

That idea, honestly, disturbs me. Most of our mutual friends are smarter than I am. As such, I would be embarrassed for them to read my bizarre tales of horror, science-fiction, and speculative thought. So I think it would be to everyone’s liking if they not be exposed to my weirder stories.

But there are some of my stories I think they might enjoy.

To that end, I’ve created this index of my stories on that they might like.

My earliest stories:

My Favorites from my 100-Day Flash Challenge

Stories written between my 100-Day and 30-Day Challenges

My Around the Fold (four-dimensional) trilogy. (In Story Order)


MY MWC Essay Contest Entries

Let it Kill You MWC-Work

Returning to Work After COVID-19 – MWC-Reentry

Death and the Meaning of Life MWC-Death

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for your reading (any of) my stories.

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