My Bully

An individual pays the ultimate price for revenge

Photo by Dan Burton on UNSPLASH.

If I had to guess, I would say there is maybe a two percent chance the paramedics might save his life, that he might still return to his body.

I just killed two men; he was the first.

I see him considering my corpse again, only a few feet from his own.

Doc quickly surmised the situation. He didn’t stare very long at his body on the sidewalk where his brains were already stiffening and his blood congealing on the hot concrete.

In life, he’d been a bully, my bully.

In death, he probably thinks we will continue that tradition. Well, why wouldn’t we? It had always been fun, for him at least, and he’s still angry about my murdering him. I can feel his anger swelling.

That’s it. Surrender to your hatred, don’t look back at your body now, Doc.

Almost. I gotta give his brain time to die; after that, there is no exit.

I wander around the parking lot like I’m looking for a tunnel of white light or my grandmother. I do my best to project confusion.

We continue circling the parking lot. His pace quickens. He’s nearly behind me now; I glitch forward several yards making sure I act extra disoriented.

Doc is so focused on following me he doesn’t notice the paramedics working on reviving his body. They gave up on me several minutes ago.

We pass the paramedics again; the redheaded one zips the second body bag shut.

“You coward. You shot me in the back of the head, then shoot yourself? You fucker!”

I turn to face him. He flexes his chest and arms, gets in my face.

“You never learn. Do you, asshole?” he says.

I want to laugh at this. Instead, I lean in and lightly flick him on his chest with my middle finger. He flies fifteen yards and smashes into the side of his Lexus; if he still had a body, the impact would have left a sizable dent in his driver’s door.

“The tables have turned, Doc. In this realm, your muscles and martial arts don’t mean a thing,” I say.

He will try to run at some point, but he has no clue how much arcane information I absorbed for this.

“We are going to have some fun now, Doc,” I say as I walk towards the ghost of the man that terrified me for so long.

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