Welcome to Garrettland, Population ONE – Part 1 of 4

Within a year of the zombie virus outbreak in 2029, nationwide martial law had been implemented. The whole country went on lockdown. Cities were cordoned off to help maintain order. Strict curfews were implemented. Food distribution networks that operated with all the stellar efficiency that one normally associates with a top-heavy, bloated bureaucracy sprang up… Continue reading Welcome to Garrettland, Population ONE – Part 1 of 4

Dancing with Covid-19

March 9, 2021 (this morning) CRYING IN MY CAR I sat in my car and silently cried tears of happiness. I just received my first vaccination for covid-19. I feel like enormous weights have dropped from my shoulders. Also, I think I feel a deep and abiding gratitude for this shot! I had covid in… Continue reading Dancing with Covid-19

Finding Time

He remembers. Riding in the back seat of their 1967 Chevrolet Bel Air. The windows slightly cracked, the cold fall and winter wind chilling him to his bones. Shivering, huddled in whatever sweater or jacket he was wearing. Isn’t that the way he thinks? Whenever a hot-blooded person meets a cold-blooded person; one of them… Continue reading Finding Time

On Writing – Part 1

I used to think that writers were born with ‘it.’ I used to think that if I wrote something or even (gasp!) published it online somewhere, that it had better be perfect! I used to think that to excel at writing I had to read all the ‘How-To’ books on Amazon first. Now I know… Continue reading On Writing – Part 1

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The Second Door

Occasionally the god idly thinks that it might be next. Though what the god meant by next, they could not say. Exhaling, the god sinks into the pose; the god’s body is a cacophony of pain; a quilt work of suffering, angst, and despair. People think being a god is easy, that you are omnipotent,… Continue reading The Second Door

By the Red Chair

“The fabric on that chair is red and blotchy,” I say. She ignores me of course. She’s ignored me since I first kneeled down here at her feet I don’t know how long ago. It’s been a while I’m certain of that much. It feels like hours, maybe longer. The whole time she’s has cried.… Continue reading By the Red Chair

A Cup of Joe

“I’m telling you, you’re seeing things! There’s nothing there! Just let it go already,” Terry says to me as she turns her attention back to her phone. “But I saw something, I know I did!” I say as I slowly pour the milk from my new coffee mug back into a tumbler. “Watch please.” I… Continue reading A Cup of Joe