List for Friends, Vol 1

For my more genteel, discerning friends A friend of mine keeps suggesting that I share my stories with various mutual friends. That idea, honestly, disturbs me. Most of our mutual friends are smarter than I am. As such, I would be embarrassed for them to read my bizarre tales of horror, science-fiction, and speculative thought.… Continue reading List for Friends, Vol 1

A Life in Review

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 28     I can feel my legs give out, and I’m falling. The trip to the ground seems to stretch on for an eternity. Some part of me senses the cyclists detected some note of distress and have doubled back towards me. The thing I find most surprising is how… Continue reading A Life in Review

At Least – A DIY Hell

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 27     The theater is dimly lit. The screen is flickering, but there’s no movie playing. I’m guessing it’s lit from behind somehow. I’ve been here, alone, for a very long time. Each time I wake here, I get up from the seat I’m sitting in (always H-59) and investigate… Continue reading At Least – A DIY Hell

Same Old Dance

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 22     The thing is, I could tell what she was thinking the whole time, from her first spontaneous hug, to how she responded to my touch when we traded massages, how I responded to hers. I swore I wanted to; no needed to touch her every week. What would… Continue reading Same Old Dance

Monolith 5 – Wendy’s Well Part 2

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 20   Other monolith stories I’ve written: Monolith Monolith 2 Monolith 3 – Tammy’s Choice Monolith 4 – Many Miles Away Monolith 5 – Wendy’s Well Part 1 (the prequel to this story)   “Yes, sir, the stairs just sort of went away. I can’t explain it any better, Sheriff. I’m… Continue reading Monolith 5 – Wendy’s Well Part 2


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 17     February 28, 2195 Ultimately everyone on Magellan had to pull a tour of duty somewhere on earth. The administrators liked to pretend that it wasn’t mandatory, but it was. During the annual lottery, Amina drew an eighteen lunar cycle stint at NorCon Station 7. Situated in Antarctica, Station… Continue reading Amina


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 16     Dazed, Gerald exits his cabin by breaking the window in the loft then dropping into the snow. “It must have been Maude’s table that saved me, ugly battleship thing. Oh, and the table is no beauty either,” he cackles to himself. Maude was Gerald’s ex-mother-in-law. The table was… Continue reading Gerald


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 14     I wake. The floor beneath me is a hard block of ice; the cushions have again drifted a few feet away from me. Where am I? Oh yeah, an abandoned building; barely made it in before the snow buried everything. I hope I can find my truck in… Continue reading Breathe

The Mars Option

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 12 Lieutenant Commander Sheila Sykes squeezes herself into the tiny Martian cavern. Technically she is breaking protocol with this unaccompanied entry, but she has a hunch. The rock in front of the cave had seemed an unlikely coincidence. It looked way too circular, uniform, evenly shaped to be a random occurrence.… Continue reading The Mars Option