A man seeks revenge for the death of his brother     The world spins and threatens to go away as the crater that was my right hip fills again with pain. I feel myself slipping towards unconsciousness; I steady myself against the dashboard, will the dizziness to pass. I got to focus. I am… Continue reading Valerie

Where Are They?

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 96     “Where are mom and dad?” my little sister asks again. It breaks my heart that I don’t have a good answer to the question. The truth is simple; I don’t know where our parents are. And that is not right. None of this is right –… Continue reading Where Are They?

The Boy in the Ward

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 84     It’s the thick steel needle the boy finds most amazing about the whole thing. It runs right through his leg, holding it immobilized while the bone mends itself. His fingers continually find the needle and probe it gently despite several nurses telling him he shouldn’t. He… Continue reading The Boy in the Ward

Da Wig in Da Woad

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 74 “Wook out, daddy. Don’t hit momma’s wig,” Allison says to me from her child seat in the backseat of our minivan. I am filled with marvel over my two-year-old’s abilities to see so much better than her father. I saw the black hump in the road and had… Continue reading Da Wig in Da Woad

Bad Doggy

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 67 “Daisy. You crazy bitch. Don’t eat that!” Zach shouts to the cocker spaniel. “Mom, Zach called Daisy a bitch again! Mooooom!” Zoe whines plaintively towards the camper. The camper is sitting in an undeveloped federal site reserved for such recreation. Truly, there is no real campsite here. No… Continue reading Bad Doggy


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 52 It’s easy to slip into a poverty mindset when you grow up poor. Not only is there never enough, but you also absolutely believe there will never be enough. Permanent, debilitating financial ruin is just one mishap away. One unplanned emergency is all it will take to make… Continue reading Allowance

Finding Time

He remembers. Riding in the back seat of their 1967 Chevrolet Bel Air. The windows slightly cracked, the cold fall and winter wind chilling him to his bones. Shivering, huddled in whatever sweater or jacket he was wearing. Isn’t that the way he thinks? Whenever a hot-blooded person meets a cold-blooded person; one of them… Continue reading Finding Time