The Conductor

The bus jerks me awake. Or that’s what I tell myself. I still harbor a fragile little tendril of hope that I’m still sleeping, that this is only a dream. Awake. Asleep. Is there a difference? Or some method for knowing which is which? This bus is a train. Or is this train a bus?… Continue reading The Conductor

My Name Was Kevin

By the time I stand up, my chin has stopped bleeding. The Christmas card and its insidious message lay forgotten on the dirty floor under the refrigerator. There is a lot of my blood on the floor. I feel the Latin phrases (incongruous with the playful polar bear and mischievous elves) careen through my brain,… Continue reading My Name Was Kevin

Plastic Wraith

The swirl of black plastic sheeting whirling a few yards from my windshield jerks me away from my ruminations. It really does look like a ghost. Halloween Wraiths are an irresponsible underground fad that has plagued north Dallas since October 1st. Irresponsible, reckless, and a damn dangerous thing to do. The idea that anyone with… Continue reading Plastic Wraith

Hexagram 57, Wind over Wind

June 2022 Flash Challenge, Day 29 As the doctor retraced the spots, the man remembered the trails and how simple life could be there. He’d blown through a lot of savings, planned his hike endlessly, then hiked an anemic 500 miles before calling it quits. The actual number was closer to 380. The last 120… Continue reading Hexagram 57, Wind over Wind