A Terryn and Shawn Story     2:10 PM I’m trying to put it out of my mind. At first, I didn’t believe the front desk was calling my clients. So on number three, I made Tobias make the call on speakerphone. Sure enough, it rolled to voicemail just like the other two. Weird. A… Continue reading No-Hitter


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 92     “I told you we need to use the stopper. It skitters away too quickly otherwise. I already regret sharing my affliction with Zach. The instant I approached his bathroom vanity sink, he pulled the plug from the basin and refused to let me have it; he’s… Continue reading Zach

Tommy the Tube

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 91     The door to the club bangs open. Tommy walks in and begins shouting before he’s in the joint. “Yo! Listen up, people. My name is Tommy, and I’m looking for my twin brother, Timmy. If any of you’s know where he is, you’d better tell me.”… Continue reading Tommy the Tube


Scenes From a Massage Spa Once upon a time, there was a massage spa with therapists and clients and managers and sales associates, and it was good. All of it was good. The environment was chill (except for when it wasn’t), and it was serene (except for when it wasn’t), but it was always a… Continue reading Rubbing

Bad Doggy

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 67 “Daisy. You crazy bitch. Don’t eat that!” Zach shouts to the cocker spaniel. “Mom, Zach called Daisy a bitch again! Mooooom!” Zoe whines plaintively towards the camper. The camper is sitting in an undeveloped federal site reserved for such recreation. Truly, there is no real campsite here. No… Continue reading Bad Doggy

Back Door

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 49 At first, the two men enjoyed their alarm system. They would playfully mimic its sonorous announcements. “Front door,” the simulated female voice would announce in its pleasing if robotic voice. Then one of them, Greg or Andy, would parrot back “Front door,” and both men would laugh at… Continue reading Back Door


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 39 I loved Tae Kwon Do from the start. It was the discipline I needed as a pudgy, soft teenager. I only reached the level of green belt, but I always preferred the flashy kicks so commonplace in TKD. The back kick, the spinning wheel kick, the hook kick,… Continue reading Dwight