The Boy in the Ward

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 84     It’s the thick steel needle the boy finds most amazing about the whole thing. It runs right through his leg, holding it immobilized while the bone mends itself. His fingers continually find the needle and probe it gently despite several nurses telling him he shouldn’t. He… Continue reading The Boy in the Ward

The Holler Man

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 81 I never learned whose idea it was to hold his funeral outside in the gravel parking lot that sits at the mouth of the holler, but I want to shake his or her hand. What better way to say goodbye to the man everyone knew as The Holler… Continue reading The Holler Man


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 52 It’s easy to slip into a poverty mindset when you grow up poor. Not only is there never enough, but you also absolutely believe there will never be enough. Permanent, debilitating financial ruin is just one mishap away. One unplanned emergency is all it will take to make… Continue reading Allowance


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 44 I used to get so excited when Henry would come home from school. We would play such games, sometimes for hours! Just the two of us. My name is Georgie. As far as I know, I am not a musically gifted prodigy. Honestly, I’m nothing. Henry is my… Continue reading Georgie