I Published Five Books!

I’d intended “The Man in the Tree” to be my fifth book published. It was an accidental mouse click that lead to it being the first. Buy it here. Mr. Bojangles is a collection of all the stories created during my first 30-day flash challenge in August 2021. Buy it here. This is probably my… Continue reading I Published Five Books!

On Writing; A Series of Essays

    Essays I’ve written on writing. On Writing – Part 1 On Writing – Part 2 On Writing – Part 3 On Writing – Part 4 On Writing – Part 5

On Writing – Part 5

How I Write Short Stories     Whenever anyone tells me they’ve been married longer than 10 years, I tell them they are qualified to write a book on “how-to-stay-married.” There’s a similar idea for anyone who’s written over 200 short stories. Now, I’m nowhere near ready to tell anyone how they should write their… Continue reading On Writing – Part 5

On Writing – Part 4

In Praise of Prompts IN PRAISE OF WRITING PROMPTS Earlier today I was talking to another writer about prompts. Early in my 100-day flash fiction challenge, I learned that they really helped with the task of creating new content daily. I swear by prompts now. Here are some of my favorite writing prompt sites. Please… Continue reading On Writing – Part 4

On Writing – Part 1

I used to think that writers were born with ‘it.’ I used to think that if I wrote something or even (gasp!) published it online somewhere, that it had better be perfect! I used to think that to excel at writing I had to read all the ‘How-To’ books on Amazon first. Now I know… Continue reading On Writing – Part 1

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