Werewolves Anonymous

A teenager seeking help, settles for dinner     “Hi, my name is Anastasia, and I’m a werewolf.” “Hi, Anastasia,” the room booms back, welcoming the newest attendee at Werewolves Anonymous Plano. The newest member looks bored. She doesn’t believe this type of talk therapy in a “kumbaya, isn’t this wonderful, see I’m just as… Continue reading Werewolves Anonymous

Banished Man

On loving the unavailable     He remembers their early times together. How, at times, she would send him away with her terse instructions: Go work on yourself, and the classic if inscrutable, Get your shit together. What could he do? Banished, he did as she asked, he went away. He would make some token… Continue reading Banished Man

Same Old Dance

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 22     The thing is, I could tell what she was thinking the whole time, from her first spontaneous hug, to how she responded to my touch when we traded massages, how I responded to hers. I swore I wanted to; no needed to touch her every week. What would… Continue reading Same Old Dance

Da Wig in Da Woad

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 74 “Wook out, daddy. Don’t hit momma’s wig,” Allison says to me from her child seat in the backseat of our minivan. I am filled with marvel over my two-year-old’s abilities to see so much better than her father. I saw the black hump in the road and had… Continue reading Da Wig in Da Woad

Midlife Mambo

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 69 Uh, oh, I may have made a mistake here. Okay, okay, breathe, I remind myself, leaning over the railing of the balloon’s basket. Below us, the Taos Valley is so achingly beautiful it wounds me. It was a gorgeous fall day in central New Mexico. I had been… Continue reading Midlife Mambo