30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 17     February 28, 2195 Ultimately everyone on Magellan had to pull a tour of duty somewhere on earth. The administrators liked to pretend that it wasn’t mandatory, but it was. During the annual lottery, Amina drew an eighteen lunar cycle stint at NorCon Station 7. Situated in Antarctica, Station… Continue reading Amina

The Mars Option

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 12 Lieutenant Commander Sheila Sykes squeezes herself into the tiny Martian cavern. Technically she is breaking protocol with this unaccompanied entry, but she has a hunch. The rock in front of the cave had seemed an unlikely coincidence. It looked way too circular, uniform, evenly shaped to be a random occurrence.… Continue reading The Mars Option

Empty Garden

A man wakes in an apartment covered with notes. INTRODUCTION As usual, it takes the man nearly 30 minutes to panic. By then, he has noticed the signs and notes. His apartment walls are covered with them, hundreds if not thousands of short and not so short messages to him. Somehow he intuits that he… Continue reading Empty Garden

Very Bad Doggy

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 100     “Don’t tease him today, okay, Tommy?” Timmy pleads. Timmy and Tommy have been best friends since second grade. Now both boys are in fifth grade and walking home from school together. Ordinarily, they walked James Street to school. But for the past two weeks, they decided… Continue reading Very Bad Doggy

Bad Doggy

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 67 “Daisy. You crazy bitch. Don’t eat that!” Zach shouts to the cocker spaniel. “Mom, Zach called Daisy a bitch again! Mooooom!” Zoe whines plaintively towards the camper. The camper is sitting in an undeveloped federal site reserved for such recreation. Truly, there is no real campsite here. No… Continue reading Bad Doggy

O’Malley’s Books

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 56 It surprised everyone in my hometown when my eighth-grade football coach and PE teacher, the always affable James “Coach” O’Malley, took early retirement and opened a bookstore. All his friends and family warned him it was a fool’s plan, destined to fail. No one in this little town… Continue reading O’Malley’s Books

The Elders; A Creation Myth of String and Feathers

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 55 The elders had made the birds. They had traveled from inconceivably great distances through space and time to return to Gaia. With their careful plans and almost joyful, patient experimenting, they created the birds. Human creation myths consistently get that wrong. The evolutionists were and have always got… Continue reading The Elders; A Creation Myth of String and Feathers