Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 82 I try calling her cellphone again. Damn. My useless phone displays one of three messages with every attempt. This time it’s ‘NETWORK BUSY.’ I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s the day most of us are leaving earth. The authorities never fully explained how this was even remotely possible. I’ve… Continue reading Nicky


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 36 2012 was the year he’d made all the bold changes. Unfortunately, he had never been a bold, big change kind of guy. They were all formed in some romanticized notion of how life would be there, in the non-denominational spiritual retreat center. He couldn’t envision it without imagining… Continue reading Nebraska

The Second Door

Occasionally the god idly thinks that it might be next. Though what the god meant by next, they could not say. Exhaling, the god sinks into the pose; the god’s body is a cacophony of pain; a quilt work of suffering, angst, and despair. People think being a god is easy, that you are omnipotent,… Continue reading The Second Door