My Bully

An individual pays the ultimate price for revenge     If I had to guess, I would say there is maybe a two percent chance the paramedics might save his life, that he might still return to his body. I just killed two men; he was the first. I see him considering my corpse again,… Continue reading My Bully


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 16     Dazed, Gerald exits his cabin by breaking the window in the loft then dropping into the snow. “It must have been Maude’s table that saved me, ugly battleship thing. Oh, and the table is no beauty either,” he cackles to himself. Maude was Gerald’s ex-mother-in-law. The table was… Continue reading Gerald


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 5     We were supposed to have four solid days of good weather. We got about twelve hours, then the snowstorm hit, and for two hours, we sat hunkering down in one of the shelters along the Appalachian Trail designed for the thru and section hikers. Taylor’s smartphone finally got… Continue reading Asylum

In the Ice

A hobby turns into an obsession.     MONDAY Taking pictures of the fractured ice was fun for Scott until the face appeared. Months ago, he began icing his forearms and hands before going to work each morning. As a massage therapist, he had recurring bouts of achy joints, and submerging his arms into icy… Continue reading In the Ice

Henry’s Heart

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 90     Again, the hooded figure beside me raises his right hand, spins his index finger furiously fast, and reality goes away for several seconds. I can feel myself sliding sideways through space and time. I am like Ebeneezer. But, unlike Dickens’s curmudgeon, my sin hadn’t been greed.… Continue reading Henry’s Heart


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 62 I loved my new studio; It had vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, and a freestanding wall that was open on both sides but created a pleasant sense of separation from the rest of the apartment. It also had a patio. It only looked out on the parking lot below… Continue reading Frank

The Elders; A Creation Myth of String and Feathers

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 55 The elders had made the birds. They had traveled from inconceivably great distances through space and time to return to Gaia. With their careful plans and almost joyful, patient experimenting, they created the birds. Human creation myths consistently get that wrong. The evolutionists were and have always got… Continue reading The Elders; A Creation Myth of String and Feathers


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 45 It started with the damn tea! I’m sure of it. I’ve not felt the same since I drank the mysterious tea at the Chinese restaurant two weeks ago. Now maybe the two things are not causally related, but I seriously doubt it! I drink the strange tasting tea… Continue reading Possession

The Wave Buddy 1000

“WHAT’S this? ‘The Wave Buddy 1000?’” he reads from the empty box on the kitchen island. Did you buy more stuff we don’t need?” he says. He picks up the gadget’s thin instruction manual and begins to skim it. She’s rooting around in the refrigerator. The gadget, sitting on the kitchen island, is a fine… Continue reading The Wave Buddy 1000