Same Old Dance

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 22     The thing is, I could tell what she was thinking the whole time, from her first spontaneous hug, to how she responded to my touch when we traded massages, how I responded to hers. I swore I wanted to; no needed to touch her every week. What would… Continue reading Same Old Dance

After the Rain

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 83 “Lying in the dark, it’s understood We are both lost And we won’t be found.” The Last Unicorn – Passenger When it was done, after he had gone through the normal stages of adapting to the new norm (single again), he felt surprised to learn that what he… Continue reading After the Rain

The Holler Man

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 81 I never learned whose idea it was to hold his funeral outside in the gravel parking lot that sits at the mouth of the holler, but I want to shake his or her hand. What better way to say goodbye to the man everyone knew as The Holler… Continue reading The Holler Man


Scenes From a Massage Spa Once upon a time, there was a massage spa with therapists and clients and managers and sales associates, and it was good. All of it was good. The environment was chill (except for when it wasn’t), and it was serene (except for when it wasn’t), but it was always a… Continue reading Rubbing

Midlife Mambo

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 69 Uh, oh, I may have made a mistake here. Okay, okay, breathe, I remind myself, leaning over the railing of the balloon’s basket. Below us, the Taos Valley is so achingly beautiful it wounds me. It was a gorgeous fall day in central New Mexico. I had been… Continue reading Midlife Mambo

Kitten Infestation

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 42 My neighbor wakes me up. I look at my phone. Damn! It’s only 7:03 AM! And it’s my only day to sleep late. Still, he’s a nice guy, and I try to stay on good terms with all my neighbors. I lean out of my bed, rest my… Continue reading Kitten Infestation