30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 10     “Son? What son? I have no son.” Sonia can still remember the detective’s words to the policeman and Tony’s expression. His father’s words appeared to hurt the teenage psychopath more than Marty’s stabbing had. An honest cop had learned that his son was one-half a serial-rapist team that… Continue reading Marty


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 5     We were supposed to have four solid days of good weather. We got about twelve hours, then the snowstorm hit, and for two hours, we sat hunkering down in one of the shelters along the Appalachian Trail designed for the thru and section hikers. Taylor’s smartphone finally got… Continue reading Asylum

The Lobster

30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 1 Once upon a time, it was Priscilla’s doll blanket. Then, looking for a way to help my diving prowess and get a bit more exercise, I took the navy blue cloth and created the lobster. I squint into the water, see it undulating at the bottom of the pool. Under… Continue reading The Lobster

In the Ice

A hobby turns into an obsession.     MONDAY Taking pictures of the fractured ice was fun for Scott until the face appeared. Months ago, he began icing his forearms and hands before going to work each morning. As a massage therapist, he had recurring bouts of achy joints, and submerging his arms into icy… Continue reading In the Ice

Around the Fold

I feel nausea rising as I reach around the fold. I shut my eyes, breathe deep, calm myself. It’s the glasses; they show too much. Moving your arm into the fourth dimension can overwhelm your senses. The air feels electric like a thousand electric worm-sized eels are wriggling across your skin. Human consciousness is constrained… Continue reading Around the Fold

Very Bad Doggy

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 100     “Don’t tease him today, okay, Tommy?” Timmy pleads. Timmy and Tommy have been best friends since second grade. Now both boys are in fifth grade and walking home from school together. Ordinarily, they walked James Street to school. But for the past two weeks, they decided… Continue reading Very Bad Doggy

3:14 AM

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 98     Days later, I will remember this was the night I first peered inside the SUV, the flashing blue lights. My sleep patterns are not nearly as satisfying as they once were. I used to adore my sleep. Now, it seems the fairy has grown stingy with… Continue reading 3:14 AM

Mrs. Henderson

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 97     Twenty-Eight Years Ago I’ve lost the thread of what she is trying to tell me. All I know is I’ve done something wrong. I must have. She seems furious at me, and my seven-year-old brain is frantically searching for the magic phrase that will dissipate her… Continue reading Mrs. Henderson

The Taxi

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 95     The instant I fastened my seatbelt in the backseat, I knew the rumors of an urban legend about a taxi were true. I heard the metallic click, but then there was a louder click from the door. Did the driver lock my door? I look forward… Continue reading The Taxi


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 92     “I told you we need to use the stopper. It skitters away too quickly otherwise. I already regret sharing my affliction with Zach. The instant I approached his bathroom vanity sink, he pulled the plug from the basin and refused to let me have it; he’s… Continue reading Zach