Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 36 2012 was the year he’d made all the bold changes. Unfortunately, he had never been a bold, big change kind of guy. They were all formed in some romanticized notion of how life would be there, in the non-denominational spiritual retreat center. He couldn’t envision it without imagining… Continue reading Nebraska

No Reflection

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 32 I get up at my usual time, stumble to the bathroom, relieve my bladder, and flush. All my actions are on auto-pilot. I reach the vanity to wash my hands, but something is wrong. But it’s an illusion so perfect I don’t notice it at first. When I… Continue reading No Reflection

In the Woods

FLASH Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 30 Where am I? I take a step and nearly stumble in the dark. The ground is uneven here. I’m outside; that much is obvious. I hear things scurrying about unseen. Bugs, darkness, and animal sounds, I hate all of this! How did I even get here? I’m not… Continue reading In the Woods


FLASH Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 29 “You can have your money back; just please go,” the psychic says to me. Madame Esmeralda is more window dressing than even cynical ole me was expecting. Still, I wanted answers, so I was ready to try anything when I arrived here at their modest-sized storefront in North… Continue reading Esmeralda

The Second Door

Occasionally the god idly thinks that it might be next. Though what the god meant by next, they could not say. Exhaling, the god sinks into the pose; the god’s body is a cacophony of pain; a quilt work of suffering, angst, and despair. People think being a god is easy, that you are omnipotent,… Continue reading The Second Door

By the Red Chair

“The fabric on that chair is red and blotchy,” I say. She ignores me of course. She’s ignored me since I first kneeled down here at her feet I don’t know how long ago. It’s been a while I’m certain of that much. It feels like hours, maybe longer. The whole time she’s has cried.… Continue reading By the Red Chair

Red or Black

(a dream) Which is negative, red or black? Had they actually asked him that? The twine is already starting to cut off the circulation and feeling in his hands and so Stephen isn’t sure. He hasn’t been sure of anything, not since Prague. I hope they didn’t grab her. The dark olive uniformed men (who… Continue reading Red or Black

A Cup of Joe

“I’m telling you, you’re seeing things! There’s nothing there! Just let it go already,” Terry says to me as she turns her attention back to her phone. “But I saw something, I know I did!” I say as I slowly pour the milk from my new coffee mug back into a tumbler. “Watch please.” I… Continue reading A Cup of Joe

The Wave Buddy 1000

“WHAT’S this? ‘The Wave Buddy 1000?’” he reads from the empty box on the kitchen island. Did you buy more stuff we don’t need?” he says. He picks up the gadget’s thin instruction manual and begins to skim it. She’s rooting around in the refrigerator. The gadget, sitting on the kitchen island, is a fine… Continue reading The Wave Buddy 1000