On Writing; A Series of Essays

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On Writing – Part 5

How I Write Short Stories     Whenever anyone tells me they’ve been married longer than 10 years, I tell them they are qualified to write a book on “how-to-stay-married.” There’s a similar idea for anyone who’s written over 200 short stories. Now, I’m nowhere near ready to tell anyone how they should write their… Continue reading On Writing – Part 5

On Writing – Part 4

In Praise of Prompts IN PRAISE OF WRITING PROMPTS Earlier today I was talking to another writer about prompts. Early in my 100-day flash fiction challenge, I learned that they really helped with the task of creating new content daily. I swear by prompts now. Here are some of my favorite writing prompt sites. Please… Continue reading On Writing – Part 4

Two Words

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 64 Two words, just two words. But what were they? The man stares at his image in the mirror. He doesn’t remember. He had made the cardinal sin. Never, ever, ever, assume you will remember later what the inspiration of the moment had handed you. When the muse spoke,… Continue reading Two Words

On Writing – Part 3

Maybe in the end, what matters most is with what titles will you die? Author? Yes, please. Magician? Hell yeah. Massage therapist? Duh! If there is anything more important than habits, I can’t imagine what they might be. To me, habits are everything! If I want to be strong – especially since I’m not the… Continue reading On Writing – Part 3

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