One Day (a poem)

One day I will let go.     One day I might try again. These days,     These days, I sit and wait,     I self-medicate,     Do what I can to distract myself from the pain. Someday.     Someday I might try.     I might stop waiting,         For cessation,         For distraction,     Telling… Continue reading One Day (a poem)

For a Season

(a poem) For a season?    he’d said. Meeting her gaze,    holding it this time. For a season.    I won’t trap you in forever. For a season,    his words twinkled like chocolate stars,     his face was the first she saw in the morning,     his words the last she heard at night. For a season,    she struggled beneath him.Open your eyes, he’d… Continue reading For a Season


(a poem) The day breaks,  I should get up.  Simmering expectations float and bob in the sea of consciousness that is me.  I am the sea.  The tide rolls in,  The tide rolls out, Leaving precious and unimaginable treasures upon my sandy beaches. Here a memory,  There a forgotten face,  What’s this? An idea of… Continue reading Ache