Desert Highway

In the end, the most surprising thing about the video was how no two people ever remembered it the same; it was a modern-day Rorschach test. It was only three minutes twelve seconds long, but people saw different things when they recounted what they had watched. One thing almost everyone agreed upon was the video… Continue reading Desert Highway


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 45 It started with the damn tea! I’m sure of it. I’ve not felt the same since I drank the mysterious tea at the Chinese restaurant two weeks ago. Now maybe the two things are not causally related, but I seriously doubt it! I drink the strange tasting tea… Continue reading Possession


Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 36 2012 was the year he’d made all the bold changes. Unfortunately, he had never been a bold, big change kind of guy. They were all formed in some romanticized notion of how life would be there, in the non-denominational spiritual retreat center. He couldn’t envision it without imagining… Continue reading Nebraska


A plague doc performs a retest Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 35 March 28, 2031 Everything I needed to know for doing my job was summarized for me on my first day in about ten seconds. A white chalk square meant no-go; the diagonal slash of viridian meant the household was clean. Administering the… Continue reading Retest

No Reflection

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 32 I get up at my usual time, stumble to the bathroom, relieve my bladder, and flush. All my actions are on auto-pilot. I reach the vanity to wash my hands, but something is wrong. But it’s an illusion so perfect I don’t notice it at first. When I… Continue reading No Reflection