Hello. These are some of my stories.

The silver lining of 2020? I found an extensive novel outline I wrote back it 2015, I knocked out a rough draft (it still needs a lot of TLC) but then, after listening to about fifty Story Grid podcast episodes, I realized most all of my middle build was filler. I switched my focus to short stories and I discovered I loved the format of shorter works!

This will be mostly short stories with a few of my thoughts on writing thrown in occasionally.

My Stories

Walk it Off

I lean forward to tie the laces on my boot. The fog beneath the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful. I wish Liza was here to enjoy it with me. Or anyone for that matter. Even my stubborn brother, Jedi. Snap! The leather lace lasted a long time, but it just gave up the ghost. I…

Searchlight Needles

Joanna’s eyes slipped shut, and her chin dipped for just a second. She snapped her eyes open and jerked the steering wheel, causing the rental car to swerve dangerously on the wet mountain highway. “Not today, Mister,” she shouted. That had been one of Jill’s expressions, but who the man was Jill could never say.…


He dreamt about the last time he drove a car. It was such a silly little bump-splat sound the car made. To Stewart, it had felt like fate tweaking his nose and saying a meaningless “Boop, got your nose!!” At the stoplight, the woman checked both mirrors and then regarded the man sitting in the…