Hello. These are some of my stories. Enjoy!

The silver lining of 2020? I found an extensive novel outline I wrote back it 2015, I knocked out a rough draft (it still needs a lot of TLC) but then, after listening to about fifty Story Grid podcast episodes, I realized most all of my middle build was filler. I switched my focus to short stories and I discovered I loved the format of shorter works!

This will be mostly short stories with a few of my thoughts on writing thrown in occasionally.

My Stories

Before the Bang

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 87     “No, that’s not it at all. Here, let me try again,” he says. I’m not trying to be dense, but science has never been my strong suit. “The universe exists in a space-time continuum. Do you understand?” That sounded like some Neil deGrasse Tyson stuff. WhileContinue reading “Before the Bang”

The Proxy

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 86     “Macular degeneration,” his ophthalmologist had said with all the gravity of a ‘No, I don’t have change for a twenty.’ The bottom line? He was going blind. Soon, the sensory organs he had relied upon for over six decades would cease delivering their input to hisContinue reading “The Proxy”

The Interview

Flash Fiction Challenge 100 – Day 85     His pace is perfect, the pressure optimally calibrated to match the flutter of her fingers, her breathing pattern, the flush of her skin. The job is his; he’s already won the interview. He’s never been more certain of anything. He could transition to a low-pressure Swedish,Continue reading “The Interview”