Hello. These are some of my stories.

The silver lining of 2020? I found an extensive novel outline I wrote back it 2015, I knocked out a rough draft (it still needs a lot of TLC) but then, after listening to about fifty Story Grid podcast episodes, I realized most all of my middle build was filler. I switched my focus to short stories and I discovered I loved the format of shorter works!

This will be mostly short stories with a few of my thoughts on writing thrown in occasionally.

My Stories

A Knight Reflects

In my peripheral vision, I sense the table between us, the candle, the flittering moth, the book, and the other thing. Where am I? I don’t dare glance around for clues. Maybe this is a pub, and we are waiting for the girl to bring us our mead. The room is small, dimly lit, and…

Ghost Dog

The frail woman pulls her coat shut, bunches her scarf, and shoves her hands deep into fur-lined pockets. In one of her hands, she imagines three plastic bags. Estelle knows the bags aren’t real. Just like she knows not to shout her dog’s name aloud in public. She knows he is no more. Tommy had…

The Low Probability Bike

I remember the first time Beckett showed me the prototype. I met him in the parking lot of a Starbucks on Parker. He unloaded the garish thing from the bed of his truck, and I helped him lower it to the pavement. A couple entering Starbucks pointed and laughed at us before the door closed…