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Yellow Bird

    It was noon; the sun was high overhead, the skies were cooling, and the immigrant carpenters worked building the new houses; the ground in the new subdivision was a brown, cracked field of jigsaw pieces, the few shadows about pointed into the earth. The dog pulls at the leash, smelling something on the… Continue reading Yellow Bird

Werewolves Anonymous

A teenager seeking help, settles for dinner     “Hi, my name is Anastasia, and I’m a werewolf.” “Hi, Anastasia,” the room booms back, welcoming the newest attendee at Werewolves Anonymous Plano. The newest member looks bored. She doesn’t believe this type of talk therapy in a “kumbaya, isn’t this wonderful, see I’m just as… Continue reading Werewolves Anonymous


A man seeks revenge for the death of his brother     The world spins and threatens to go away as the crater that was my right hip fills again with pain. I feel myself slipping towards unconsciousness; I steady myself against the dashboard, will the dizziness to pass. I got to focus. I am… Continue reading Valerie

Leaving the Cul-de-Sac

Escaping my sanctuary     I glance out the window by my reading chair and my eye floats to the end of the street where the long flatbed truck lays on its side and to the ruined minivan that sits flush against it, gently touching bumpers and the sun sparkling on the dewy grass and… Continue reading Leaving the Cul-de-Sac


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About Me

Hi, I’m Shawn. Previously a programmer, I’m now a massage therapist and since the pandemic hit, a writer. I hope you enjoy my stories. I love feedback.

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