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After Johnny’s Funeral

Revenge is a dish best served perpetually. I drop my purse on the kitchen counter and exhale for the first time in what feels like a decade. I hope my tears were convincing. After the funeral, Helen hugged me tightly, then looked at me with a strange expression that made me wonder. The way her… Continue reading After Johnny’s Funeral


The boy was lying half on the huge rug, half on the dark wood floor, on a pillow propped against a thick wooden bed leg. The floorboards would creak at night when he got up to relieve himself. He had taken it upon himself to learn where all the creaky spots were so he might… Continue reading Smiley


The exterminator wipes his brow, pockets his grease-stained handkerchief, and checks his tablet again. “Yeah. We don’t see a lot of these. If I’m honest, they told us about these in class, but I swore the instructor was pulling our legs. Pranking us. You know? That it was a joke to see which of us… Continue reading Wormhole


Halloween 2043 I swallow four more ibuprofen. The sciatica is hurting today. “You almost ready?” I startle at the sound of her voice. I startle a lot these days. I was just putting the finishing touches on my Halloween getup. We must always dress the same. She was such a creature of habit. This is… Continue reading Muertos


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Hi, I’m Shawn. Previously a programmer, I’m now a massage therapist and since the pandemic hit, a writer. I hope you enjoy my stories. I love feedback.

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