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Ready for Freddy?

I reach forward and shut the music off before the calliope crashes to the ground again. I’ve been sitting here in my car, stalled, for almost an hour, listening to and pausing this crazy song over and over. This used to cheer me, an impossibly nonsensical koan. Merry-go-rounds, sneezing, wheezing, and tripping. Yet despite my… Continue reading Ready for Freddy?

The Attic in the Great Manor

The report I wish to press upon my employer, always a decent and upright man in his dealings with me, I shall I only submit in writing, lest he have me declared mad and committed to Bedlam Sanatorium for the Insane. Their methods are quite advanced, but the lot of people assigned there are quite… Continue reading The Attic in the Great Manor

Dogface Hamlet

A dog beyond fences story. The figure appears at the mouth of the alley. Again. He walks the lane repeatedly. Something in him won’t let him stop this unsolicited patrol. He misses the dogs the most. Oh, how he had enjoyed their unconditional love, their unrestrained joy over his presence. Him! His physical appearance left… Continue reading Dogface Hamlet

I Published Five Books!

I’d intended “The Man in the Tree” to be my fifth book published. It was an accidental mouse click that lead to it being the first. Buy it here. Mr. Bojangles is a collection of all the stories created during my first 30-day flash challenge in August 2021. Buy it here. This is probably my… Continue reading I Published Five Books!


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About Me

Hi, I’m Shawn. Previously a programmer, I’m now a massage therapist and since the pandemic hit, a writer. I hope you enjoy my stories. I love feedback.

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