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I Published Five Books!

I’d intended “The Man in the Tree” to be my fifth book published. It was an accidental mouse click that lead to it being the first. Buy it here. Mr. Bojangles is a collection of all the stories created during my first 30-day flash challenge in August 2021. Buy it here. This is probably my… Continue reading I Published Five Books!

Second 30-Day Flash Challenge

My Favorite Twelve Stories On June 30, 2022, I completed my second 30-day flash fiction challenge. Here are my twelve favorite stories produced during this challenge. Day 2 – The Ladder in the Box (a dream) – I love the imagery in this story and it was honestly something I dreamt of one night. Day… Continue reading Second 30-Day Flash Challenge

Flight 497

June 2022 Flash Challenge, Day 30 “Tell my dad…,”  But, you’re my son…, why can’t he say the words? ### Clark looks out the flight tower window again. It’s going to bad one; the black sky is fat with storm clouds. As if 497 needed more things to go wrong. They’d lost two engines in… Continue reading Flight 497

Hexagram 57, Wind over Wind

June 2022 Flash Challenge, Day 29 As the doctor retraced the spots, the man remembered the trails and how simple life could be there. He’d blown through a lot of savings, planned his hike endlessly, then hiked an anemic 500 miles before calling it quits. The actual number was closer to 380. The last 120… Continue reading Hexagram 57, Wind over Wind


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Hi, I’m Shawn. Previously a programmer, I’m now a massage therapist and since the pandemic hit, a writer. I hope you enjoy my stories. I love feedback.

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