Werewolves Anonymous

A teenager seeking help, settles for dinner     “Hi, my name is Anastasia, and I’m a werewolf.” “Hi, Anastasia,” the room booms back, welcoming the newest attendee at Werewolves Anonymous Plano. The newest member looks bored. She doesn’t believe this type of talk therapy in a “kumbaya, isn’t this wonderful, see I’m just as… Continue reading Werewolves Anonymous


A man seeks revenge for the death of his brother     The world spins and threatens to go away as the crater that was my right hip fills again with pain. I feel myself slipping towards unconsciousness; I steady myself against the dashboard, will the dizziness to pass. I got to focus. I am… Continue reading Valerie

My Bully

An individual pays the ultimate price for revenge     If I had to guess, I would say there is maybe a two percent chance the paramedics might save his life, that he might still return to his body. I just killed two men; he was the first. I see him considering my corpse again,… Continue reading My Bully

Banished Man

On loving the unavailable     He remembers their early times together. How, at times, she would send him away with her terse instructions: Go work on yourself, and the classic if inscrutable, Get your shit together. What could he do? Banished, he did as she asked, he went away. He would make some token… Continue reading Banished Man

Desert Highway

In the end, the most surprising thing about the video was how no two people ever remembered it the same; it was a modern-day Rorschach test. It was only three minutes twelve seconds long, but people saw different things when they recounted what they had watched. One thing almost everyone agreed upon was the video… Continue reading Desert Highway


A Terryn and Shawn Story     2:10 PM I’m trying to put it out of my mind. At first, I didn’t believe the front desk was calling my clients. So on number three, I made Tobias make the call on speakerphone. Sure enough, it rolled to voicemail just like the other two. Weird. A… Continue reading No-Hitter

Inflatable Santa

Horror Flash Fiction The neighborhood was quieter now. Folks felt guilty when they accidentally found themselves enjoying the calm. Eleven in three weeks. That’s how many children had disappeared. The inflatable Santa, magically moving from yard to yard, each morning in a different place. A prank. One that Larry or possibly Eileen had started years… Continue reading Inflatable Santa


30-Day Flash Challenge, Day 30     “The left, no. The right,” I say to the street performer. I’m sure the white pawn is in his right hand. He got lucky the other times, but I think I’ve figured out what he’s doing. “Are you quite sure?” he says to me. He asks this every… Continue reading Influence